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I've been involved with internet marketing and website creation for 17 years now, it has perhaps been one of the hardest things I have ever attempted in my life. When I started I didn't know anything about Website Creation, I couldn't ask any of my friends because they probably didn't know anymore than I did, I couldn't find any information on the Internet either so I simply had to fumble along and try to teach myself the hard way.

Because it was so hard for me I've now decided to make it my mission to create a webpage guide to assist anyone who may like to have a presence on the Internet step by step through the process, you may like to have a Website for your bricks and mortar business or you may like to try internet marketing

This will be a work in progress over the next couple of weeks

If you are interested in following my step by step guide you're invited to bookmark the Net Wealth Group website. I hope you will get get some benefit from the information I want to provide

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Kerry Harrington

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We have started adding Internet Marketing Ebooks to our Library, when we finish we will have around 210 books all on various Internet Marketing topics. We will be giving some of these eBooks away free of charge to our newsletter subscribers - We would like you to join with us as we guide our friends step by step to this Internet Marketing world. To join us on this exciting journey - Click Here »

Kerry Harrington

Net Wealth Group Update


The Net Wealth Group website was written 17 years ago and hasn't been updated for a very long time. We have decided the website needs a drastic makeover to bring the site to where it should be in 2023. We hope you may like to join us as we continue to add website content also informative Internet Marketing eBooks and Internet Marketing software to our library - Click Here »

Kerry Harrington


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